eternal caravan of reincarnation

sunk without hope in a haze of good dope and cheap wine .


I guess the only alternative to the question of my attractiveness is that maybe people aren’t as shallow as I am and they are really only interested in someone’s personality or intellect and if so, mine must clearly be lacking.

reassurance seeking

no one in real life is attracted to me. no one wants to kiss me or date me and very few people want to befriend me. why? am i a piece of shit? am i only attractive on the internet? i don’t understand and i want to understand so i can improve.

i got a my hosp bill finally $1700, and stuart has a band trip to pay for in Jan for $1000 for him to go to Disney with band and i said i'd chaperone so i have to pay $1000 too. AND we have a huge tree cracking inthe back yard we have to have cut down probably $1800. and we don't have all this money. the hosp said they'd take $100 a month till it was paid off and that was fine. but i might have to back out of Stuart's trip and just send him and he'll b upset. and anxiety.

god that sucks :( :( :( :(

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